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Additional Services

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Solar Inspection

Capturing thermal and high-resolution imagery, our team identifies anomalies on solar panels. This includes string outages, hotspots, bypassed substrings, and junction box issues. Our team delivers a printable report or online map, allowing our clients to locate each anomaly. This ensures our clients have the information needed to prioritize repairs and maintain production.


Asset Management

To streamline operations, the Legacy Aero Group combines multiple solutions including; extensive progress and task tracking, regularly updated maps, models and customized databases. By incorporating AI & machine learning, our team improves processing efficiency and delivers actionable insights for any project. 

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Product Development

The Legacy Aero Group is constantly looking to improve upon our technology and service offerings. By understanding the industry, we develop effective solutions for any project scope, from customizable databases and GIS processing to the development and integration of aircraft payloads. Our team works together with manufacturers to produce payloads that meet any industry need. 

Seamlessly working together with our clients is the Aero Group’s top priority. All projects are viewed as a collaborative effort, and we strive to ensure all our processes integrate with any system our clients may already have in place. From raw or processed data to easy-to-use databases, our team is here to ensure that our solutions mesh with any ecosystem.  

We Integrate with Your Ecosystem

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