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Pipeline Patrol

aerial view of construction of gas pipeline Trans Adriatic Pipeline - TAP in north Greece.

Even when methane detection is not needed, our team is standing by to meet your aerial patrol needs. From regular pipeline patrols and facility inspections to emergency damage assessments. Our experienced pilots and observers are the perfect tool to meet DOT/PHMSA pipeline inspection requirements. Safety is our top priority, and we ensure all aircraft and personnel are exceeding any operational or safety standard.

Any leak or concern that is found by our team on a pipeline or facility will be immediately relayed to our client’s POC to ensure timely repairs.

Our visual inspections are paired with high-resolution image capture to map any pipeline corridor. This allows our clients to easily visualize the condition of their right of way. Corridor mapping can be used to easily identify vegetation and other encroachments, as well as monitor progress on new construction projects.

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