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Legacy Aero Group uses both traditional and modern aerial technology to best serve their client's needs. By using manned or unmanned aircraft, Aero Group can find the most efficient process of data collection for the end user. 


Fixed Wing Aircraft

Legacy Aero Group’s fixed wing aircraft platforms allow for a flexible solution for large area aerial projects. Our aircraft provide excellent value, with low maintenance and high safety ratings, making it the perfect platform for sensor payloads or patrol flights. 

Fixed Wing Aircraft

Rotary Wing Aircraft

Legacy Aero Group incorporates the use of Rotary Wing Aircraft for gas leak detection due to its ability to maneuver at low groundspeeds and altitude.  The Robinson R44 is a piston engine, 4 place helicopter that is both efficient & cost effective.  Our helicopter service is capable of being trailered to remote locations to cut down on ferry & flight time costs.  The Robinson R44 can support multiple pay loads and can quickly fly from site to site enabling us to inspect multiple locations in a short amount of time.  This allows the customer to get the biggest bang for the buck when inspecting their facilities.  The Robinson R44 helicopter has a max payload of 748 lbs. & over 350 miles range flying over 120 mph.

Helicopter Robinson at the sky.jpg
Rotary Wing Aircraft
Wavy Circles

sUAS / Drones

Legacy Aero Group utilizes the commercial-grade DJI Matrice series M300. These modern UAS platforms allow up to 55 minutes of flight time on a single set of batteries, advanced accuracy RTK positioning, and incredible reliability. Paired with the ability to carry multiple payloads for specialty and high-resolution data collection, our UAS aircraft are the perfect solution for on-site and small area data collection.  

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