Survey & Engineering Support

For our Engineering and Survey clients, Legacy Aero Group utilizes high-accuracy systems for both manned and unmanned aircraft collection. This ensures that the data we provide can meet any accuracy or resolution requirement. Our photogrammetry software allows us to produce highly detailed deliverables, including point clouds, terrain models, and mosaic imagery. Our team is ready to take on aerial survey projects of any size.

Frac Tank Ortho.JPG

Aerial Mapping

Our team captures high-resolution imagery to create orthomosaic imagery of any size project area. This imagery can be used to assess property conditions, monitor change, and supplement ground surveys.


Our team employs LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology to create detailed point clouds, used for assessing surface conditions in highly vegetated areas, modeling assets, and performing 3D analysis, such as height, distance, area, and volume measurements. The LiDAR point clouds and 3D models can be utilized in any design program.

Frac Tank Screenshot.JPG
Caliche Pit 3D Model Screenshot.PNG

3D Modeling

Capturing detailed, high-resolution imagery from multiple angles, allows our team to utilize photogrammetry programs to create 3D models. This process can be used to produce point clouds, 3D mesh files, and terrain models. Depending on the detail requirements on the project, this method may be more cost efficient than LiDAR.


Utilizing either LiDAR or photogrammetry methods, our team can collect the data required for volumetric analysis and stockpile management. This includes cut and fill analysis, aggregate inventory calculations, landfill density, and mining progression. This analysis can also be applied to frac ponds, creating strapping charts for volume measurements.

3D Model Pile Screenshot 2.PNG
Building Contruction Model.PNG

Construction Progress Tracking

Our team captures aerial imagery and video that is used for monitoring progress on any size construction project. This allows for easy visualization and record keeping.