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Legacy utilizes cutting-edge technology to efficiently capture high-resolution inspection images for the insurance industry. Our inspection capabilities cover everything from residential and commercial roofs, to crop inspections.  

Our team captures RGB images and video to assess damage claims accurately and efficiently. Legacy can help reduce risk and improve safety by eliminating the need for adjustors to climb on roofs. Our team also provides actionable data for crop insurance claims by collecting multispectral imagery, allowing for accurate plant counts, disease identification, crop health assessments, and many other crop scouting capabilities. 

Roof Image Nadir.JPG


  • Assess damage claims accurately and efficiently 

  • Safer method of obtaining images

  • Identify loss in crops for insurance purposes

  • Manage Historical & Baseline Data


  • Insurance Companies

  • Property Owners 

  • Farmers 

  • Agriculture Consultants


  • High- def images to see anomalies on buildings

  • 3D Models

  • NDVI analysis on crops for plant health assessments

  • Crop Count

  • Acreage calculations

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